Fastest Way to Reset Windows Password

Forgetting your Windows password is never fun and it means that you’re going to have to figure out some way to reset Windows password. That is often tricky, but if you want to know what the fastest way to do so is then it may surprise you to know that you have a few options.


Frankly speaking, chances are that you won’t be able to reset Windows password very fast and yet it wouldn’t hurt to go over these options to see if you somehow lucked out and managed to fit the bill for one of them!

Fast Ways to Reset Windows Password

All of the fastest ways to reset Windows password essentially count on the fact that you’ve been prepared to do so beforehand.

One of the fastest ways that you can actually reset your Windows password is if you only lost the password to a user account and you actually remember your administrator password. If that is the case, all that you need to do is log onto the administrator account and you’ll be able to tweak your password and reset it if need be.

The only other fast way to reset Windows password is to have prepared a password reset disc in advance. That can be done within Windows or by using special software that allows you to do so – however if you’ve never prepared in advance then it is unlikely that you’ll have such a disk which means that you’re back to square one.

Fastest of the Slow Ways to Reset Windows Password

Assuming you aren’t able to reset Windows password through any of those ‘fast’ methods, then the fastest of the ‘slow’ ways to do so is to get online and find a specialized reset Windows password software that allows you to do so.

It might take some time for you to choose the best one, but most of the top pieces of software are all pretty similar in terms of features and cost.

Once you’ve actually found, purchased, and downloaded such a software you should be able to reset Windows password in a matter of minutes. The only other alternative to this is to send your PC in to a technician which will take much longer and might leave you without a PC for a matter of days or possibly weeks.

Now that you know what the fastest options are when it comes to resetting your Windows password it should be easy for you to pick out which option is most applicable to you and yet still fast enough!

All said and done, trying to reset Windows password doesn’t have to be as much hassle as it is made out to be!