How Does Reset Windows Password Software Work?

Assuming you’ve lost your Windows password and can’t remember it for whatever reason then you’re going to need to reset Windows password through some way or other. Now if you haven’t prepared for this in advance then most of the normal password recovery methods aren’t going to work which leaves you with one option: Reset Windows password software.

Basically what you need to do is use a different computer to purchase and download reset Windows password software. There are a number of different options available but most share similar features.

In particular what you should look for is one that has the options that you need to create a bootable disk or USB. After all, since you can’t gain access to your system you will need this bootable disk or USB and it is important that the reset Windows password software that you choose allows you to create it.

If your computer has a CD drive then you can use any reset Windows password software that creates a bootable disk. If not, you might need to find one specifically that also supports creating a bootable USB pen drive.


After you create that disk and use it to boot up your computer, what the reset Windows password software will do is it will look up all the accounts (both for regular users and admin) registered on that PC.

Normally it will present you with a list of the accounts that it finds and then ask you to choose which Windows password you require. Technically speaking it would be easiest for you to get the password to your admin account as that will allow you to easily change all the other passwords as and when you please.

Some of the reset Windows password software will just provide you with the password directly while others will provide you with a new password that you can use to access the account. Whatever the case, you should no longer be locked out of your PC.

Although the process is relatively easy, the truth is that it would be far less painful to simply be cautious when choosing your Windows password in the first place and trying to pick something that you’re not likely to forget (while at the same time ensuring that it is secure).

Despite the fact that this may seem like a tough task, in the long run you’ll waste less time by taking a moment to think about the password that you intend to create.

But of course if all else fails at least you know how reset Windows password software works and what you need to do to get back into a PC that you’re locked out of!